Cryptocurrency: WebDollar Mining On Browser

Cryptocurrency With Browser Mining!

Until now we have seen how to mine the cryptocurrency using hardware nodes and software mining on 

There is one more efficient and environment friendly way to mine a crypto called as browser mining. Browser mining is the easiest way to mine a cryptocurrency which removes the headache of setting up the costly hardware and downloading a software.

It doesn't even require downloading a software wallet if you don't want to. However we should have cold or hot wallet for storing crypto for additional security. Transactions made through wallets attracts transaction fees also called as gas fee.

Today we will look at how to mine the WebDollar cryptocurrency.

About WebDollar(WEBD)

WebDollar describes itself as a cryptocurrency that is fully native to the World Wide Web, written in JavaScript, and built around the concepts of simplicity, lightness, and portability.

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WebDollar's mission is to foster the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency by creating the simplest user experience:

  • No downloads, installation or registration required
  • Generating wallets directly in your Browser
  • Easy transactions directly in browser
  • Pools system with referral program
  • Hybrid Mining using PoS and PoW
  • Mining directly in browser
  • Fast consensus using NiPoPoW
  • Bounty program with automatic registration
  • ASIC resistant & GPU unfriendly mining
  • Offline Transactions

WebDollar uses a Non-Interactive Proofs of Proof of Work (NiPoPoW) consensus mechanism, which reportedly achieves trustlessness without requiring the download of the entire blockchain history. 

The goal is to allow users to access the blockchain for mining from any device.

WebDollar reportedly offers a hybrid browser mining, where blocks are mined with a hybrid algorithm using 90% PoS and 10% PoW which is ASIC-resistant and features a GPU-unfriendly hash function, Argon2d. NOTE: WebDollar migrated to 100% PoS on 22 July 2021. In order to stake for receiving rewards in your wallet you must have at least 100 WebDollar coins in your wallet. If you would like to know where to buy WebDollar, the top exchanges for trading in WebDollar are currently IndoEx, P2PB2B, WebD Timi and VinDAX. WebDollar Tip Bot is the Telegram bot for buying and staking the WebDollar.

You can also request Tip Bot for tipping you some WEBD so you can stake without buying.

WebDollar Mining

For mining(now staking only) WebDollar, we just have to visit You can also mine using Android phone(iOS incognito mode only due to Apple policies) and app is available on Google Play Store for WebDollar. As soon as you hit the above address in web browser, you will the account is created automatically and mining process has begun at bottom saying Staking Activated.

Below is the new interface on the site:

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You can see there are no coins available in the wallet to stake hence it says NOT STAKING. When it stakes, you will see number of hash/second. NOTE: If you're mining from scratch you won't be able to earn coins. You need to have an amount of WebDollars (100 WEBD) first to stake with, in the PoS rounds. Few points to consider about the wallet: You don't need to download the wallet hence all the history of the blockchain unlike in case of other cryptocurrencies.

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STAKING ACTIVATED: Shows coin staking(PoS) has been activated which can be increased or decreased with the help of slider. PoS Staking: Model used for mining WebDollar 0.0000 WEBD: Total number of WebDollar in wallet

DOWN ARROW: Downloads wallet with .webd extension saying ADDRESS EXPORT SUCCESSFUL. LOCK: Encrypts the wallet saying SUCCESSFUL ENCRYPTED. You will be asked to enter 12 digit password(Insert it or click on generate). Once the password has been set, account will be encrypted and password backup file be downloaded on your system, notifying you by messages on screen. Password file has to be kept safe for future use of unlocking the wallet. Once locked, coins cannot be used for staking purposes. UNLOCK: For unencrypting, again click on lock symbol and put the password. Once done wallet will be unlocked saying SUCCESSFUL UNENCRYPTED. CROSS(X): For deleting a wallet, click on this symbol. Once clicked, it will ask you to type “delete” and then click on delete button. ADD: To add new wallet, click on Add button and new wallet will be created under the one which is present already. IMPORT: If you want import a wallet which resides lets say on a different machine, simply paste/type address of that wallet in the window that pops up when you click on Import button and it will be imported. OFFLINE: When you click on Offline button, a pop up appears asking if you want to make a offline transaction. You must be using Incognito mode for that. I did not make any transaction yet.

HAMMER: Mining is in progress. While mining, it will reloads the process in frequent timeframes saying wallet loaded successfully.

Mining Pool

When the mining process gets reloaded every few minutes time intervals, don’t forget to set the pool you were using initially as it gets changed as well. Click on “See your Network” option on main screen and you will be shown your connection of pool selected for mining. For more information about different mining pools, click on About section of the site and scroll down till you see POOL Mining where you will see full details divided into POOL QUICK ACTIONS & POOL STATISTICS.

Select proper mining pool after checking the fee charged by the pool for mining and referral reward % provided which differs pool to pool. You will also find your referral link in this section to share with others.

Coin Specifics

  • Max Supply: 42,000,000,000 WEBD
  • Market Cap: $5,126,673.85
  • Market Rank: #1345
  • Mined Blocks: 2,558,422
  • Staking Coins: ~11.80B
  • Official Site:

To see where the transactions can be made using WebDollar, click on
Partners tab on the site. To find out the creators of the WebDollar, click on Team tab. There has been few changes on the WebDollar site than earlier. For example, slider in the bottom area has an option to use compute power to 1 level only which earlier used to be upto 7 levels. This change has been made to limit the energy emission out of the system or machine. Another new change is the use of PoW model which was available to mine coins once every hour using hash rate as per compute power levels. The team has migrated to 100% PoS model and proved their cryptocurrency to be environment friendly which is great effort.

Final Take:

Every cryptocurrency team will now be working upon migrating to at least 90% PoS model to make the mining process environment friendly. We are also seeing the global leaders working on making the world carbon free in COP26 UN meeting.

For more valuable information, connect to Webdollar community on Reddit at r/Webdollar


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