Cryptocurrency: The Ultimate Guide To Dogecoin Mining

What Everyone Should Know About Cryptocurrency Mining?

Accumulating or investing in cryptocurrency by buying it is not the only way available in cryptocurrency market today, you can now achieve it by mining the crypto as well. 

If you are thinking of earning a passive income source by making use of the un-used machine, it’s time to put that thought into life. 

Cryptocurrency mining will help you make a few bucks with your machine having internet connectivity with any operating system. 

Let us find out how to mine the Dogecoin(A type of meme coin) using your machine(CPU).

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Picking A Site For Mining

There are plenty of sites available to mine crypto on the internet. We will be working with 

Knowledgebase for unmineable is considered to be good. You will find articles in the documentation section of the site in case you have any questions about the process.

Algorithms supported by the platform are:

1. Ethash

  • Available for mining via Graphic Card(s)
  • Minimum VRAM requirement: 6GB
  • Average time between rewards: 5 minutes
  • Last reward: 44 seconds ago
  • Standard mining fee 1%
  • Payouts from 30 DOGE

2. Etchash

  • Available for mining via Graphic Card(s)
  • Minimum VRAM requirement: 3GB
  • Average time between rewards: 5 minutes
  • Last reward: 1 hour ago
  • Standard mining fee 1%
  • Payouts from 30 DOGE

3. RandomX(CPU)

  • Available for mining via CPU
  • Average time between rewards: 7 minutes
  • Last reward: 6 minutes ago
  • Standard mining fee 1%
  • Payouts from 30 DOGE

4. Kawpow

  • Available for mining via Graphic Card(s)
  • Minimum VRAM requirement: 3GB
  • Average time between rewards: 3 minutes
  • Last reward: 1 minute ago
  • Standard mining fee 1%
  • Payouts from 30 DOGE

All the above algorithms are GPU and CPU-friendly algorithms. ASIC algorithm is not currently supported by the platform. Dedicated GPU(Not shared GPU) must be of minimum 3GB for any crypto you choose. If you opt for GPU supported algorithms.

You can check if you have a minimum required dedicated GPU available on your system by going to Task Manager > Performance > GPU on windows OS. 

However, there are some known ASICs capable of mining in the Ethash algorithm (ETH mining), any ASIC capable of mining ETH is in theory capable of joining the Ethash pool.

Picking A Crypto For Mining

If you have a dedicated GPU, then only think of mining crypto. Otherwise, CPU mining will take much time and machine will be heating up as well. If the machine is totally idle and you are going to use it for mining purposes only you can go ahead.

Generating high price crypto will take too much time. Hence watch for the payout and decide which crypto to mine. For DOGE, payouts start when you generate 30 DOGE in your wallet by mining.

The payout for Shiba Inu(SHIB: A type of meme coin) is at:

  • Supported payout networks: ETH (ERC20), BSC (BEP20), KCC (KRC20)
  • Payouts from 1500000 SHIB via the ETH chain
  • Payouts from 250000 SHIB via the BSC chain
  • Payouts from 250000 SHIB via the KCC chain

Also, observe the payout networks used. You can go with the ERC20 token standard which is widely used overall. 

Hence selecting the right crypto to mine is a very important task. 

Wallet Download

In this section, we will see how to download a wallet specific to a crypto we are mining, if you are not having one already. In case you are already having a wallet, you should be able to connect it to a software.

For mining Dogecoin, we must download a Dogecoin-supported wallet so that we can get wallet address for receiving rewards directly in our wallet.

For downloading a wallet, visit and select Dogecoin Core(Full  Wallet) to download it.

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Once downloaded, double-click on the file to execute it.

To configure the wallet downloaded, Open the wallet > Click on File > Much receiving addresses > Click on Address and copy it.

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We will need this address while configuring the software to start mining process.

NOTE: MultiDoge is a light wallet and does not support mining process.

Software Download

You can download unmineable software at to start and watch the progress as you mine the crypto. They(team) only recommends using unMineable Miner for new miners/beginners, as it doesn't provide enough customizability for fine-tuning and most functionality is hidden for simplicity. Advanced users should directly download any mining software that supports our algorithms and uses a custom setup/configuration. In order to download the software for crypto mining using CPU, we need to visit and follow the instructions on the page. XMRIG is used for CPU mining and connects to our RamdomX pool. Follow the below steps to download and start mining: 1. Visit

2. Click on the GitHub site mentioned on the page and download(for Windows OS)

3. Unzip the file once downloaded and execute the software xmrig(.exe file).

4. Create a .bat(text file with .bat extension) file and add the below command to it: xmrig.exe -o -a rx -k -u COIN:YOUR_ADDRESS.WORKER_NAME -p x pause

5. Put this .bat file in a same folder where your xmrig software is residing.

For example: If your xmrig software is extracted on Desktop, you can add the command in .bat file as C:\Users\Username\Desktop\xmrig.exe -o -a rx -k -u COIN:YOUR_ADDRESS.WORKER_NAME -p x pause

NOTE: At step no.2, when trying to download the software you may face the restrictions from web browser. You can choose right settings in privacy section of your browser temporarily. Once downloaded, you must scan the system.


COIN = The coin you are mining(DOGE).

YOUR_ADDRESS = Must be a valid address(Wallet Address you copied in above step) for the coin you choose, otherwise, the pool will return an error.

WORKER_NAME = Simply any name that you would like to set for your worker, to identify it on the website.

**You can put your referral code after WORKER_NAME separated by #

TIP: You can mine different algorithms at the same time, with different worker names. This will speed up the process but stress on the system will be way more.

Start Mining

When everything is set up as explained above. Just double-click on the .bat file to start the mining process.

Once you start the mining process it looks something like below in command prompt:

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Keep it running until you want the mining process to continue. When you wish to exit the process simply press Ctrl + c keys on your keyboard.

In the miner row, you will be able to see the maximum hash rate you are receiving for downloading the crypto. If you use a dedicated GPU for mining, you will see a higher hash rate for mining crypto.

Now you can visit the site again and click on the address tab on the site( Add your wallet address under the “Enter Your Address” field to see the coin getting accumulated in your wallet.

Referral Code

Referral code use can make the difference as well. When any user uses your referral code to start crypto mining, you earn passively 0.25% from your referral's mining rewards.

To get your referral code, click on referral tab and then click on Get your Referral Code. Go to Referral Code tab to see it.

All mining rewards are paid to your balance, whether you are mining or not, and if you set a referral code for your own workers you also get rewarded with a lower mining fee.

If you have a Referral Code(this is your own referral code) you can lower your mining fee to 0.75%, just add it after your worker name, separated by a # symbol:


Referral Code Pointers:

1. Referral codes are set at a worker level, so to have the best performance all of your referral's workers must be set with your referral code, referral rewards are given everytime your referral gets rewarded for mining, this can happen several times a day.

2. In the case of the fee reduction there is no need to have all workers set with a referral code, you just need one (valid code) for the reduction to be effective.

3. If the miner haven't set any referral code to their workers the platform fee stays at 1%

You can follow the same process for mining other cryptocurrencies as per documentation on the site. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask in the comment box.

Hope you have learned something new from this post.

Final Take:

Before selecting the cryptocurrency to mine or invest in, kindly study below points:

  • The problem that crypto resolves.
  • The model it uses(PoW or PoS)
  • Developer base
  • Whitepaper 

Please use my referral code to make it a win-win for both of us.

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